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Calhoun Church of Christ

Since 1965


When you visit us, youíll notice that all kinds of folks attend this congregation... some will be dressed up and some wear jeans. You'll see all ages represented.

Youíll also find people from different races and economic backgrounds.

And you yourself wonít be singled out or pressured to participate. We wonít ask for your money or sit in judgment of your past.

We're a grace-oriented church that believes Jesus is Lord. We also believe that the Bible is the perfect expression of His message to mankind.    

You'll find our meeting place located in the beautiful rolling hills and waterways of northeastern Louisiana just west of the Monroe area off Interstate 20 (north of the 101 exit).

Louisiana: "Sportsman's Paradise"

Our history page will give you an idea of our church's heritage, and our map page will tell you when we assemble, show you how to find us and how to get info on our area. You can also click on our leaders page and find out more about us.

To get a better idea of our roots as a church, see our Top Ten Questions About The Calhoun Church of Christ.



Obviously, we are a church that believes on Jesus as the Christ, the Messiah predicted in the Old Testament and proclaimed in the New Testament. We believe that "Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved." (Acts 4:12.)

For more information, read "Top Ten Questions About Jesus."

If you have any questions, please email our Preaching Minister, Keith Roberts.



Just like individuals, churches have distinct personalities. Itís easy to get a picture of this churchís personality by looking at the things we emphasize - our "core values":

(1) PRAYER. Since 1993 weíve emphasized prayer through our CrossView Prayer Ministries.  We also regularly host Prayer Enrichment Workshops here at our building and conduct seminars for other churches and groups. Our vision is to motivate and train Godís people to pray with passion, which will bring worldwide revival.

We've had prayer groups meeting regularly in our members' homes since 1994, regularly for spiritual revival. We also pray for people who've requested our prayers by getting on one of our lists. (See our PrayerLines page.)

We believe the Lord expects His church to be a "house of prayer" (Matt. 21:13.)

(2) BIBLE TRAINING. Youíll see another emphasis if you visit us - our commitment to in-depth Bible study. Certified teachers in our congregation have helped us choose the best possible Bible class material for all ages. Our preacher, Keith Roberts, who has taught Bible at the seminary level, conducts our adult class.

And our "Kid's Own Worship" program draws children from all backgrounds into an exciting time of Bible learning and growth.

(3) PRACTICAL MINISTRY. We also emphasize practical help for people in need. Our Food Bank distributes free groceries to around 65 families on the third Saturday of each month.

We've delivered food baskets to shut-ins, distributed free clothing at certain seasons of the year, and have even donated our labor to build a house for someone who needed help.



 1) CROSSVIEW PRAYER MINISTRIES uses various programs to train God's people in the study and practice of effective prayer.

(2) PRAYER ENRICHMENT WORKSHOPS each September here in Calhoun. 

(3) PRAYERLINES. Our PrayerLines ministry features several ways you can get a request to our intercessors:

Our church office phone is (318) 644-2216. You can email us at or write to us at P.O. Box 159 at Calhoun, LA 71225. Also, a prayer drop-box is located at our building at 1288 Hwy 151 North in Calhoun.

(4) KIDíS OWN WORSHIP. This program, which meets each Sunday evening, features videos, puppet shows, skits, songs, crafts and other fun activities designed to teach the Bible to children between toddler and 6th grade.

(5) FOOD BANK. This free program feeds scores of families each month. Qualified families can receive free groceries on the third Saturday of the month at 9:00 AM in our fellowship hall. This is a joint effort of the Northeast Louisiana Food Bank and the Calhoun Church. Email us for details on how to qualify someone for this great program.


If these areas of ministry interest you, visit with us. Maybe this church is part of Godís plan for your life.


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Calhoun Church of Christ
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