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Established 1965

      On Wednesday September 1, 1965 the Calhoun Church Of Christ met for the first time with 26 people in attendance, including18 baptized members. The following Sunday morning 64 attended, which included several visitors from area congregations.
     This excellent beginning had resulted from the dedication and persistence of several committed Christians. A woman named Cora Ray, who attended the Jackson Street Church of Christ in Monroe, had often talked of the need for such a congregation in Calhoun. As others began to reveal the same feelings, two deacons at the White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ, Clyde Hern and Delbert Woods, agreed to help promote a congregation in Calhoun.

Another man who caught the vision for such a work was Hal Frazier, who was then Director of World Radio Ministries in West Monroe. As the new congregation got underway, Hal agreed to accept the pulpit duties until a full-time preacher could be located. 

Fellowship Meal at the Old Hammonds House - Circa 1965

     Our first meeting place as a church was the old Hammonds house on Owens road. People who were there still remember one odd thing about the services; no single room in the old house could accommodate everyone, so the group sat in two adjoining rooms. To speak, the preacher had to stand in a corner where the two rooms met, looking first to those on the left and then to those on the right (no political pun intended).

By December 1965 the Calhoun congregation began building a new meeting place, which was completed in February of 1966; it seated 225, had 6 classrooms and occupied one acre of ground. Only 6 months after beginning this church, we had a new building, a new location, a full-time preacher, were self-supporting and poised to grow in number and in the Spirit.

Groundbreaking on Hwy 151 North - Circa 1965


Our completed new building - Circa 1966

      In January of 1966 Percy Keene became the congregation’s first full-time preacher. During that year, 54 people were baptized into Christ and the membership rose to 110 with a weekly contribution of $250.

    Since Brother Keene’s six-year stay at Calhoun, five other preachers have worked with the Calhoun congregation: Leon Heath (‘72-’73), Carl Harrell (‘74), Jerry Almond (‘75-’77), Earl Butterworth (‘77-’81), and Keith Roberts (’81 - present).

In the 1980’s we began some needed physical expansions to our building here at Calhoun. In late 1982 through Easter of 1983, we added two wings to the building including classrooms, a fellowship hall and kitchen, a nursery addition, and finally a paved parking lot. Our members donated about $40,000.00 plus their time and skills to produce a debt-free addition.
     By 1988 it was time to expand again. During that year we added a 1,300 square foot Youth Hall - including a Bible Hour stage and sound system for producing puppet shows and skits to teach children. These improvements kept our youth work growing and established Bible Hour as one of our most enduring and valuable programs.

Our expanded building today

     One of the greatest programs to emerge from the work here at Calhoun is the School of Prayer . In late 1993, we decided to launch a work that would help us, and our sister churches, learn to pray more effectively. The Calhoun School Of Prayer works toward that goal by providing cassette tapes, printed material, retreats and workshops on prayer for interested Christians and churches. In addition we host our annual Prayer Enrichment Workshop on the second weekend in September here in Calhoun, which draws participants from all over America.

Our Prayer Ministry booth at a major church conference

One of the hallmark ministries of this congregation has been our Prayer Enrichment Workshop, held here each September.
Begun in 1994, this workshop stands as the only one of its kind in Churches of Christ.

Our goal has always been to train and motivate God's people to pray more effectively, in order to bring spiritual revival to our world-a revival that will win souls to Jesus.


Over these 21 Workshops done since 1994, we've had 45 different speakers-local preachers, university professors, missionaries, evangelists, even heads of national prayer ministries.


Our workshops have drawn visitors from about half of the states in the U.S.
These Prayer Workshops begin on Friday afternoon and continue through Sunday morning-always ending on our founding date as a congregation, the second Sunday in September.
The Calhoun Church wouldn't be the same without this Workshop. We praise God for letting us be caretakers of this wonderful work!


God has continued over the years to richly bless this church. The Calhoun Church of Christ remains a close, loving church which appeals to people looking for serious Bible study, intense prayer training and the personal attention one receives at a small but active church.

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