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Here's a list of some sites that we've found helpful with spiritual growth.

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Prayer sites/General sites/
Online books/ Podcast

Prayer Sites

America's National Prayer Committee - National Day of Prayer site.

The Sentinel Group

Harvest Prayer Ministries - Dave & Kim Butts' ministries.

Prayer Matters - Dr. Albert Lemmons' ministries.

World Prayer Team

World Prayer Center - Sign up to join the worldwide prayer movement, and tour the World Prayer Center.

The Prayer Guide - Questions & answers about prayer.


General Info Sites

Heartlight Internet Magazine - Positive online resources.

Voice of the Martyrs - Learn about today's martyrs.

Christian Chronicle Magazine - News about Churches of Christ.

Churches of - Find a Church of Christ congregation anywhere in the world.

Famous People in the Restoration Movement - A listing of people, both famous and infamous, who have been part of the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement. - Online resources for Spiritual growth.

North American Christian Convention - The main website for instrumental Churches of Christ & Independent Christian Church. - Archaeological support for the Bible. - lots of info about baptism.

Online Books

PrayerShop Publishing - Books about prayer.

Boyd's Books - Extensive online bookstore.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library - Online classical religious books.

LeafwoodPublishers - Excellent materials on the Restoration Movement & prayer.

Why God Waits For You To Pray - Special book on prayer.



Calhoun Church of Christ Sermon Podcast - Sermons by Keith Roberts.

Forsythe Ave Church of Christ Sermon Podcast - Sermons by John Dobbs.


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